1. HP tablet

    HP has a tablet.

    What’s interesting is that at the end of the day, most consumers don’t really-really care about brands when it comes to things like this. Some do, but rarely mass market. It becomes a commodity business, where price and functionality plays the ultimate factor.

    There are those that feel an emotional or status attachment to a brand but that’s not generally the broad mass market, at least when it comes to certain products. Most people could care less what phone someone uses or what handbag they carry, etc. but there are consumers who think people do and subsequently feel a sense of what not having it. Quality plays another part, as consumers do identify there. There are always exceptions but in general that’s the story historically in device product business.

    Apple has done a good job at making Apple products feel like a part of a lifestyle. But at the end of the day, the influx of comparable tablets likely means the decline of need/desire for Apple’s product to at least some aspect, especially as other makers like Microsoft and Google have their own ‘fans’ so to speak, or at the very least customer base and potential reach beyond it. Not to mention that the industry in general (devices) has always been a commodity market and will likely remain that way again.

    It doesn’t mean Apple’s business is about to go anywhere, necessarily. But it’s long lead that it had in terms of understanding the future of the internet platform, and subsequently connected devices to it, are no longer. It doesn’t really matter because what Apple is doing that’s being talked about in the market trenches though not yet the media will probably put Apple in a fine position in the coming future ahead regardless.

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